Inexpensive Ways To Boost Your Homes Value

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Soup up Your Storage

Closet and Storage space is a big one on many home buyers wish list. It always seems that there is never enough. Make the most of the space you have by buying and installing closet storage organizing systems making the most of the space you do have. It is especially important if your home is older or you have few or small spaces.

Spruce up Your Bathrooms

Enhance this area by making small changes. A new toilet seat, a fresh shower curtain. Plush bathroom rugs. A new mirror. Brighter lighting. Declutter and put your toiletries away. Ensure there is a fresh scent. Hang fresh linens. This can go a long way in making even a dated bathroom appear fresh.

Add a Closet

The price difference between a 3 bedroom home or 4 bedroom home can be significant. If you have a home office or den add a closet so it can be considered a bedroom. For few dollars this investment can give you significant return in your asking price.

Give Your Appliances A Facelift

Old, dented, tired or perhaps don’t match. Look into ordering new doors that will make your appliances look cohesive.

Tired Flooring

Easily refinish your old tile flooring. Have your floor steam cleaned and your grout and tile sealed and finished. For little expense it can brighten it to looking new again.

Replace Doors

Enhance your exterior appearance by replacing entry, garage and screen, doorways. If you can’t afford to replace the doorways then add new hardware. Even that small change can make entryways look new. If your doors are in good shape, power wash them, stain or repaint to give a fresh new appearance.

Lighten and Brighten

Junky light switch electrical outlet covers can age a home. Consider replacing and upgrading these items. Dimmer switches go a long way to enhance your homes over all feel. Make sure your electrical wiring can handle the type of switches you change to.


You may love your teal or red walls but chances are a buyer will not. Add a fresh coat of interior paint in a neutral tone. A semi gloss paint will make your room seem brighter or an egg shell finish can hide minor imperfections like dry wall dents or plaster cracks.

Improve Your Kitchen

One of the things buyers look for above all else is a great kitchen. A total remodel can cost a lot so consider an over haul. Change small things. Old ugly cabinets? Repaint and add new hardware. Or resurface your cabinets which is much less than a full replacement.

Deep Clean

Your home can simply not be too clean to sell. Invest in deep cleaning by your own elbow grease or hire a professional cleaning service. Regular chores of dusting, vacumming, mopping. You should also be sure to tackle rarely cleaned areas like vents, baseboards, cabinets, blinds, door knobs. Steam clean your rugs, wash walls and windows and replace broken windows or screens.

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