The Corridor 22km Between Cabo San Lucas and San Jose del Cabo

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The always transforming area that takes you along the coastline and beaches from San Jose Del Cabo to Cabo San Lucas is known as The Corridor. It is considered to be home to some of the most prestigious, exclusive and beautiful Real Estate. The unadorned symmetry of the desert, mountains, beaches, and Sea of Cortez has been complimented by un-paralleled championship golf courses and some of the finest resorts in the world. When the people of Los Cabos carved a simple dirt road between the towns of San Jose and Cabo they couldn’t have had any idea that the area would eventually become the highest regarded real estate in all of Mexico. 

Originally The Corridor was the Rancho El Tule which extended most of the length of the road and was populated by cattle, fruits and vegetables for sale with no one to sell them to. The road provided a new passage to both towns, allowing the ranchers to sell their goods. Despite the roads promise of convenience, it was still a long and grueling trip by horse or ox-cart to get the goods to the market. The solution? The owners of the El Tule Ranch opened the second largest Ford car and truck dealership in Mexico in the 1930s. Most of the sales were trucks which once loaded to capacity would wind their way over the dirt road to market. A new era was born! The original road has become the new four-lane divided highway making it a quick 20-minute drive between the two destinations. What you’ll find is that passionate investors have poured millions and millions of dollars into hotels, resorts and unparalleled golf courses that have transformed this once inaccessible harsh desert into a world-class destination resort area.

The Corridor is vastly expanding with new construction of luxury hotels and real estate offerings, including the development of the Chileno Bay and Santa Maria Bay properties into private golf and beach resorts.  High end luxury real estate dots the corridor from Cabo San Lucas to San Jose del Cabo proving that some of the best of The Corridor is already there.

There is a wide variety of properties available for those wanting a piece of paradise within the ultra-posh communities of Palmilla, Cabo Real, Cabo del Sol, Querencia and Punta Ballena. What many Los Cabos property owners have discovered is that surrounding all the inclusive resort properties are smaller developed communities like Rancho Cerro Colorado, Santa Carmela, Espiritu Del Mar, Villas del Mar and El Tule that allow you to enjoy the proximity to fine resorts and golf courses throughout the corridor. Don’t wait until your last day to explore The Corridor. With perfect weather and alluring natural beauty, Los Cabos is an ideal vacation property destination for a lucky few. 

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